He really didn't say anything back

He really didn’t say anything back

I am a college student and have a major crush on this guy. I told him that I have a crush on him, and he really didn’t say anything back, even though I was hoping he would say he had a crush on me too. The past week, we have been hanging out together a lot- just like watching movies and stuff. I am confused because I do not know if he wants to just keep me as a friend, or wants something more. I am really hoping he wants me to be his girlfriend, but am just not sure. I am wondering: should I ask him (or get someone else to ask him) what he thinks about dating me????



How are you today?

You sent a clear message by telling him how you felt. Now the bets is to step back and give him space to respond to you. If he feels you are clingy, desperate or attached to him, it will turn him off and drive him away.

Keep on being active socially and be fun to with it. Simply let go, give him space and focus on yourself.

Don’t pressure or him or ask him about what he feels, etc. This will make it heavy between the two of you. Give him time and space to respond in his own time. You sent your message out, now, let it go.