Here is what ross jeffries says to a woman in one of his vids when approaching her – Hypnotic seduction

You are from midwest…

I want to tell you something about yourself:

You make imagery in your mind very vivid

You are smiling because you know I am right…

if you are borded, even if you are looking right at this person, you could be a million miles away (said very slowly looking straight in the eyes with a gentle smile) in your ideal favorite fantasy vacation…





What is surprising with this vid is that she seems already “sold” to him in the moment he comes closer to her and asks her a question.

His confidence is total, no doubt. He knows what is is doing.

Then, the whole hypnotic message…

Does it work?

Sure it works!!!

The results show in her attitude and total openess…

Well.. the presence of the camera might be intimidating as well.

This gives him and edge of power and recognition.

She thinks: he is being filmed, that guy must be important!

Increased social value in her eyes…