Highlight your positives – TIP

This is very different than bragging, right?

During the interview, you will have opportunities to talk about what you achieved.

Some candidates tend to be too shy or modest about what they did in the past because they don’t want to appear arrogant.

This makes them look insecure.

Instead, be proud and happy about what you achieved so far.

Show them that you enjoy what you did and want to do it again if you can.

Talk about the process of achieving what you did.

Show them that you are human too by pointing out as well a couple of challenging moments.

You can say for instance:

  • “Well, this was the first time I was to speak in front of such a big audience (smile) – I believed so strong in this product that it really worked! – They liked it…”

Yes, a bit of story telling 😉

Don’t idealize it of course!

Let them see the process that did lead you to be who you are today.

Life experiences are valuable and having a glimpse of the real person in you definitely makes you very likeable.