How do I make myself more approachable to men? – ARTICLE

This question is essential!!!!

More important than you will ever imagine.

Guys hate rejection.

In fact when you wonder why a guy is not taking initiative when he indeed looks interested, you can bet that he thinks he might get rejected.

Sometimes, he misses the skills and simply doe not have a clue of what to say.

If you want a guy to approach you, you need to give him clear signs.

Give him VERY CLEAR signs that you won’t reject him.

Eye contact works best.

After that, share a few words and sound really open.

The moment he knows he won’t be rejected and look like a fool on the dance floor, it takes away most of the resistance.

Your body language tells a lot!

A smile and eye contact are direct invitations to connect with you.

If he does not take the initiative and you want him to know that he has a real chance, write your number on a piece of paper and give it to him.

Simply look at him straight in the eyes, smile and say: “Call me!”

There is still no guarantee that he will call but it is the best way of opening a door and making it easy for him.

If you want to make him work harder, tease him.

This always works, the moment you are having fun, it breaks the ice and makes it very easy for him to open up.

Smile! And eye contact!

Show him you are open for contact.

That’s it!