How to combine spiritual development with modern life style – ARTICLE

This is a key question!

You obviously can’t retire to an isolated monastery somewhere (unless you want to take a drastic step).

The goal is to maintain and feed all aspects of your life: career, business, family, relationships, dating, life style, health, social life, etc.

No need to drop any of it.

If you want to succeed with your spiritual development, you need to integrate your new spiritual energies into your daily life.

You embrace all aspects of your personality, emotions and personal needs.

No need to suppress any of that.

You can be assertive at work, use and develop your power and maintain healthy boundaries with the people you interact with.

If you face challenges with your children’s education for instance, what you need is extra parenting skills and sometimes extra discipline tips.

At the same time, you are allowed to take time off to go to the gym or a yoga class.

The art of juggling with all aspects of your life is about life management strategies.

You keep your two feet on the ground and make sure that you empower your personal foundation as much as your spiritual life.

If you need extra skills to feel 100% satisfied, go and get them.

Give yourself the tools to succeed!