How to make him forget about his ex?

How to make him forget about his ex?

How to make a man interested in me, and forget about his ex?



The best thing to do is to date other guys and flirt. Be spontaneous, free and happy. Be sexy, attractive. For him to want you fully, you have to give him a taste of what he could get.

If he feels this is only for him, he will think you are clingy, attached or desperate. For him to want more, you need
to be ahead of him in one way or another. Develop you flirting skills. Guys want you when you have something they need. One of the key things guys need is pleasure, fun, enjoyment. If you can give him that, he’ll be back running to be with you and forget about his ex.

The key for you is to be non-exclusive as long as he isn’t. Date other guys. Keep your options open. Socialize, go out! Don’t limit your contacts to just him. That’s the way you stay free. If he gets jealous or reacts ask him if he is ready to move on with you exclusively. Don’t offer yourself to him until it’s clear it is a two way commitment.