How to solve a burn out? – ARTICLE

The way to solve burn out is to rebuild yourself.

It is to rebuild a strong and powerful emotional base.

There is of course healing involved.

You need as well to shift key mind and habit patterns so that you respond to pressure in a different way.

Sometimes, it’s all about learning to establish new boundaries and daring to say “No”.

It is always about protecting your mind and personal space.

We are all interconnected with energy.

Sometimes you feel high.

Sometimes you feel drained or tired.

If you go through a burn out, it is the sign that you gave too much and run out of energy.

Your mind and life are a territory.

It is your role and task to defend that territory.

This requires an essential behavior shift: your life is number one.

The moment you “collapse”, everything stops.

This is why it is your right to give yourself the priority.

You are the most important person in your life!

Anything which drains you is bad news.

Protect yourself!


Dare to use your power and reject external unwanted pressures.

It is your basic human right to defend your territory.

So, do not respond to pressure.

Build up power and build reserves of energy.

That’s the key.

Shift from passivity to warrior.

This is a battle and your mind is under attack.

Defend yourself!

Protect your mind and personal space.

Don’t let anyone drain your energy.