How to solve your midlife crisis – ARTICLE

To solve your midlife crisis, you need extra power.

It is simple.

You face a power gap.

There is an open wound somewhere in your existence and what you need is to get your full power back.

You have two options:

· The first one is to stay within a passive lethargic state and totally surrender. This is the healing process. You simply give up or give in. You drop weapons and let go of whatever you were trying to achieve.

· The second option is to go to battle, reject the crisis and wake up your power. This is a full recovery of your abilities.

When you are hit by some form of traumatic event, you’ll be in a state of choc.

You simply wake up to a new reality and realize that the past is gone.

It can be your job, your loved one or simply your overall life motivation.

It such situation, you’ll be faced with two feelings.

· One is a rebellion, anger, frustration.

· The second one is a desire to surrender and let go. This last instinctual reaction is the waking up of some form of blissful energy which comes and nurtures you.

This state of shock can last for a couple of hours, days, week or even longer.

The risk in that phase is to take a self destructive spiral.

If you go to drugs, alcohol or other self destructive directions, you are done!

The real alternative is to connect with these two positive forces: Healing and Power.

If you have a wound and you go to battle too soon, you’ll feel weak and vulnerable.

This is why you can give yourself a day or even a couple of weeks to emotionally recover.

Take a break!

Go in nature!

Take a week holidays or something along that line.

This greatly helps your recovery.