How would you get your ex to ask you back out

How would you get your ex to ask you back out

how would you get your ex to ask you back out if you are positive that he’s thinking about it????


For him to ask you out, he has to be excited about you. In other terms, you have to turn him on. The idea of spending time with you must be exciting for him. You see, he won’t think rationally with his head. He will respond to impulsion and instinct. You attitude must switch off his reasoning brain and wake up his instincts.

Give him a glimpse of what he will get if he goes out again with you. You have lots to offer, lots to share, your body, mind, spirit soul. There is magic in you, thrill passion, excitement, wake up his senses, wake up his desire.

He will go out with you if it feels like fun and exciting, specially if he feels there is something new there. Be subtle with it, don’t be vulgar or ordinary, it can be a big turnoff for guys. See all that as a magic love dance, a play. Have fun with what you do. Try and experiment.

If he does not move, take steps, but don’t push. Give him time and space to respond to you, to respond to your stimulation, let him be excited about what you have to offer. Give him clear signs that if he asks you out, you won’t reject him.

Bring freshness when you are with him. Bring in something new. Give yourself the space to start something new rather than building on something from the past. Look at him with fresh eyes as if you were seeing him for the first time.