I always get hurt! – I always fall for guys who are already taken! – ARTICLE

When you fall for a guy and start hoping to be with him, you already invest yourself emotionally.

If it does not work out, you spend lots of energy recovering your full emotional base.

You jump from “Island of hope” to “Island of hope”.

Every time you have a crush, the same story happens again, right?

You want to break the cycle?

Here is what you must do: Instead of relating to one guy, learn to relate to guys in general.

It is truly like fishing. Have you ever been fishing?

If you see a school of fishes, you don’t say: “I want that one!!! That’s the one for me!”

No, you say: “I want a fish”

It is simply easier to catch one when you don’t limit your choice.

I know this is quite a shift but it is simply the way it works.

If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t give your emotional “hopes” to just one guy.

Take an example:

You go online and see 20 pages of profiles.

You have two ways to take your next step:

· The first way is to select just one guy you really like (out of 400 faces) and pursue that man until you get him.

· The second way is to make two groups: in the first group, you put all the guys you definitely are 100% sure you don’t even want to relate to. In the second group, you put all the guys you could relate to (not even date, only relate to).

Now, out of 400 profiles, you should probably have 200 potential guys you can relate to. Don’t be picky at this stage.

After that? Start interacting with them in a free, light and open way.

This second approach works much better!!!

Why is that?

· Because you stay emotionally free!

· You stay the center of your world

· If one guy rejects you, you still have 199 other choices!

· You take it lightly

· There is much less at stake

· You develop precious flirting skills without risking too much

· It is fun!

· Etc.

You know already about the “one crush guy” strategy.

You know where it takes you and you know that you will probably still looking for a boyfriend 2 years later.

Shift your strategy right now.

Even if you feel it goes against your nature, try the second strategy.

Try interacting with men in a lighter way rather than focusing on finding Mr. Right straight away.

As soon as you take that step, it will give you a massive confidence boost and radically shift the way you stand in the dating world.

Believe me, it works!!!

You’ll feel the change instantly!