I am so obsessed with my crush! – How do I get over him? – ARTICLE

Here is what to do when you feel that way:

The goal is to consciously establish connections with other guys.

If he is in your mind so much that you can’t think or function normally anymore, the goal is truly to get your full power back.

You want to recover control over your mind and life.

A crush is first a love connection.

You can use this “energy” to create.

Many operas, paintings, or songs are the expression of a love connection.

If you can’t live it, express it in a creative way.

Sharing in forums or understanding more about yourself is a way of growing with it as well.

Remember that any challenge can teach you something essential about yourself and force you to find resources in you that you didn’t even know you had.

Tap into your instincts and fight the battle to get back full ownership over your life.

You are the one in charge, right?

The top priority though is to connect with new guys.

You don’t have to date seriously or in a committed way.

Simply establish new connections and flirt.

As soon as you get validation from other men it takes your attention away from the other man.

If you don’t know where to start, go online and set up a free profile.

After that, let your imagination wonder over the pictures of the guys you see online.

Keep it light and open and interact in a casual and free way.

You’ll notice that as soon as you do that, you might feel attraction for other men straight away.

Interact lightly without getting attached to anyone in particular.

This is a direct way to get your power back.