I don't get it! Do guys prefer bitchy girls? – ARTICLE

Guys love confident girls.

It is true that a girl who is not challenging in any way will quickly sound boring or average.

I know it is tough but it is the same the other way round.

Wussies are not attractive.

They sound weak and surrendered.

Wussies will become your best friend but for a lover, you’ll look usually further.

You’ll look for passion and confidence, right?

So, as a girl you can keep on questioning it or you can simply go with the flow and give guys what they want.

If you are in doubt, try and experiment.

Dating attitudes are like a shirt you put on.

All are authentic.

They are all you!

You simply decide what role you want to play in a guy’s life.

You try things and see what works and what doesn’t.

You will often notice power games.

If a guy is an easy “catch” strangely enough you loose interest very fast.

It is instinctual.

Have you seen a cat playing with a mouse?

It is the same type of game.

They pretend the mouse will run and then catch it again.

Why is that?

Because it wakes up thrill and excitement.

It wakes up challenge, thrill, conquering drive, etc.

Why do people compete in sports?

Because competing wakes up energy in your system, in your mind in your body.

It makes you feel alive!

It is thrilling!

If you compete and always win easily, you loose interest and in a way don’t expand your potential.

On the other hand, if you are challenged, it forces you to go deeper and surpass yourself.

Dating works in a similar way.

If your target is too easy and misses this dimension of challenge, you tend to loose interest.

There are different ways to challenge a guy.

There are different ways to wake up excitement and thrill in him.

Now, if you see guys attracted to certain feminine styles, learn from it and expand your skills.

Try it and see what works.

It is human nature and it is there for a reason.

Dare to play the game!

You’ll be amazed of what happens when you do.