I don’t know how to flirt with guys – How do you do that? – ARTICLE

If you are not used to flirting, it is a skill you want to develop and practice.

If you do focus on it and keep learning new techniques and approaches, I am sure that you will become very good at it.

The trick is to focus on it and look at it as something which can be learned and developed.

Here is how you can start:

The first step is to gain confidence.

How do you do that?

You feel great about your looks, what you wear and so on.

The day you buy a new dress or get a new hair style, it gives you a huge confidence boost, right?

You can do that even more.

Give extreme good care to your appearance and dare to go for something sexy rather than comfortable when you go out (if it’s both, it is even better).

Sexy! Not vulgar!

Be subtle with it!

Simply make sure you are in your best light.

The second step is to use your body language.

Don’t look away when a guy checks you out. If you do shift your attitude:

If he looks, look back and smile.


It is fun and it is the most direct way to show him you are interested.

Look at him and smile.

Don’t stare, simply sustain eye contact for a couple of minutes, that’s all.

Third step: develop some small talk topics.

If the attraction is mutual though, keep it light, fun and tease him if you can.

If he is drinking something, grab his glass and say something like: “So what are you drinking? Looks good! what is it?”

The best way to tease him is to find a part of him you can target. For instance, if he has a funny hair cut, call him: “Hey, Brad Pitt?!”

Don’t attack him on aspects of his person he is truly vulnerable on for instance if you are attracted to a guy who is tall and skinny and insecure about it, don’t call him: “Hey, Mr. Sky Scraper, how is the view up there?”

Keep this for later, once you build up complicity and you know he “can take it”.

Guys always have a part of them they take seriously.

You can tease them on that.

For instance, a guy with nice pecs thinks he is the beach king, right?

You can say:

“Silicone, right?”


“What do you have for breakfast, a whole pot of Creatine?” (It’s an amino acid used by body builders – He should know about it if he looks like a fitness addict).

When you tease, the goal is not to be aggressive.

You want to create complicity and at the same time break the ice.

It is the best way to establish a fresh and light connection with a guy.

It shows that you are interested but at the same time you are confident enough not to be intimidated by him.

Teasing is truly the number one chat flirting technique and comes right after your initial body language tricks (eye contact, smile, etc).

Simply dare, experiment and see what works for you.

Trust your instinct! Flirting is very instinctual.

All you have to do is reawake skills which are in you.

Enjoy and keep exploring!