I don't really need to fundamentally change what I do, just perfect my strategy, upgrade to multiply my results

Right now, I face a specific situation with this woman.

I am not specifically interested and I don’t feel a strong resonance.

So, I could simply let it go but as well, just for the game of it, try harder.

She is responding a bit but I feel my inner drive to try to connect really weak.

So, just for the sake of the exercise, I could try to engineer attraction and see what happens.

That’s one option.

Why does that feel artificial and forced?

Because there is no real energy support.

It feels like part of the invisible ingredients that could strengthen a connection like this one are not there.

In other terms, unless we establish a coaching connection, we are not really a good match.

I don’t feel the energy or excitement triggers.

So, here is what seems to be unveiled naturally…

It is the synchronicity of the situation.

The energy back up.

In my case, it is these synchronicities and working with these invisible forces that actually creates most of my connections.

And these connections are powerful and work deeply.

Can I play with these connections a notch further?


In general, I feel that I could fine tune my game a lot on that level.

I feel there is way more.

So, what does that mean?

That I don’t need to radically shift my style.

On the contrary, I am already performing really well.

What I need is to ad some ingredients to my game, character, approaches so that I get more direct results, responses and as well new possibilities and doors opening up.

So, what are these ingredients, qualities, communication patterns I can improve?

That’s where new tactics come in, things I am not yet doing in the many interactions I have.

These can be in the courting area but can manifest as well in my coaching relationship to clients, prospects, other males, kids, etc.

In other terms, it has the power to positively impact all connections I have with other human beings.

It has as well the possibility to impact on the way I stand in life in general.