I feel like I have to please everyone

I feel like I have to please everyone

I’m always depressed and feel like I have to please everyone and then it makes me sad and depressed cause I don’t want to do want everyone wants me to I wanna do what I feel is right…..I mean its a free country where’s my freedom???? what should I do??????????



Trying hard to please everyone is extremely draining. Why? because it makes you slave of other people’s emotions and reactions.

Try this: from now on think: “I am the most important person in my life”

You are number 1. If you don’t give to yourself first, who will?

Start using the expression: “I want….” more often. Bring it to the core of your being. This is your emotional fuel. Your desires are the beginning of any action in your life.

Forget about “shoulds”. Write me another mail and tell me what you want. You had enough of something you feel inside. Don’t hold it back. Express and free yourself from whatever holds you back. Don’t let anyone control your life or decide for your actions and activities.

You are the boss. You are in charge of your existence! You decide what goes in it and when it happens.

Start by small steps: learn to say “No…”, “No, thank you…”, “Another time maybe, I have other plans right now…”.

This is an essential attitude and behavior shift. Once you start doing that, your life will never be the same again.

Dare! I know that in the beginning, this feels slightly uncomfortable because you feel you could be hurting someone. I tell you, once you start, you’ll find so thrilling to take control of your life that you’ll never go back to your old behavior.

Don’t expect others to like it. It’s their will against your will. Now who do you think should decide about the color of your day?

YOU!! YOU!! YOU!!!