I get no results! – TIP

Most of the times, you do!

You might simply not value what you already got.

Many guys are extremely self defeating when it comes to their internet dating life.

They over generalize their results and put everything within one negative self defeating cluster.

That’s called a cognitive distortion. It the action of painting a picture of reality and your experience which is usually much more negative than what it really is.

If you did send 20 messages, it is already a victory!

Why? Because you took action and overcame your fears of initiating contact.

That’s a victory right?

Write it down and remember it!

You will often get a couple of responses which are “weak” or from women you don’t really value, right?

Another victory because at least some women did answer.

So, something IS working.

I agree, maybe not as fast as you would like.

But take a moment to write down the key victories you achieved so far, even if these victories appear to be very small in your eyes.

Next, find out what you can do better, but don’t stop!

Move forward!