I like him! Should I tell him? – ARTICLE

The question is:

Does it work to express your feelings to him?

Does it work to open up to him when you feel him uncertain?

The answer is usually “no” it doesn’t.

Here is why:

The moment you open up, you start saying things like:

· “I like you”

· “I love you”

· “I feel like we would be good together”

· etc.

When you are still casually dating, it can be a turn off because you unveil straight away the plan of everything which will happen next.

It works much better to keep the mystery alive.

This is not playing games by the way, you simply let love build up in its own way and rather than opening up.

You let complicity become stronger until suddenly, you feel that you are actually committed to each other.

All this happens naturally.

If you are not sure about his feelings, you risk an awkward situation because you would give everything to a guy without being sure he will love you back.

It puts pressure straight away.

There is a chance that he feels the same way as you and the “I love you” moment will suddenly be there naturally, when you both totally feel it.

Let it grow and manifested in its own time; that way there are no risks neither for you nor for him.

You can express the fact that you like him in so many ways…

Keep it light hearted.

Let the passion build up and express your romantic feelings in a light hearted way.

Stay on the fun and complicity building side.

The truth is that when you say “I love you” to someone, most of the times, it means commitment on your side.

It means that you want to belong to each other.

It traces a very clear line of evolution for the two of you.

It as well implies in a subtle way: “I want you to be mine”

You see the dynamics?

Let this moment come later when you are already naturally committed to each other.

The “I love you” moment becomes then an affirmation of what you both already know.