I like my son's father as more than a friend

I like my son’s father as more than a friend

I like my son’s father as more than a friend. What should I do?



If you like him, flirt with him. Let him feel that you like him and give him the space to respond. If you are not used to flirting, go beyond your comfort zone and take steps. Take small risks.

If you are afraid it can hurt your friendship and destabilize him or scare him off, simply invite him for a drink and open up a bit your feelings… Just a bit! don’t be sentimental! Keep it light and fun and talk about it like something interesting to look at, as if you were an observer looking at your feelings and asking him for advice for what to do… You know just out of curiosity.

Say something like: “You know: lately, I noticed I get really happy when you are around… I’m not sure what it is because in mind I enjoy our friendship. At the same time i feel this real excitement in my belly when I see you… What do you think i should do with it?”

You see, innocent, not pushy, open sharing… If you notice he steps back, take back your “friendship hat”