I thank you a million times & send you infinite love & light

“Hi Francisco,

I have just come across your website & information on Babaji & wanted to thank you for putting it out there! I am familiar with Babaji & am loving what I see, as well as hear on your site. I’ve downloaded an e-book & listened to one audio, I will read & listen to the others as soon as I’ve send this e-mail… It sounds like English is not your first language so what a great achievement… you do it really well!!!!!!

Am in the process of listening to you e-book on connecting with Babaji; am at part 3 Circle of freedom. It’s really a great idea to make these available through audio means as well as written. I find what you’ re saying very fundamental & useful for people like most of us living in today’s society!!!! For me, there lies the really challenge – to reconcile & balance the spiritual & the physical!!!!! We can’t all sit atop the Himalayas while blissfully meditating our life away….

I thank you a million times & send you infinite love & light.”