If you got hurt in the past – ARTICLE

If you got hurt in the past when falling in love, I know exactly how you feel.

You get hurt for one simple reason:

You love someone who does not love you back enough.

The reason you get hurt is because he is in your mind taking all the space.

His presence in your mind is killing you. It is making you vulnerable and powerless.

If you want to survive this “emotional test” You need two things: extra power and effective strategies.

This is a battle for power. This battle is happening in your mind.

What you want is to gain back control over your life. In other terms, you need to kick him out of the “control seat”. It is a battle. It is a battle for your own life and emotional autonomy.

You want to fall in love and stay in charge of your life!

It is very simple. Don’t “abandon yourself” in your love quest. The dating equation is now to enjoy your love life at 100%.

This e-book is a new and refreshing mind set. It gives you all the tools to stay in charge when you fall in love.

This is not about controlling your relationship. It is about staying in control of your life.

This is your number 1 priority!

Right now, you have two options:

· The first one is to loose yourself next time you fall in love. You’ll start feeling insecure, missing him a lot, being overtaken by a flow of emotions without knowing how to deal with them. If it does not work out, you might eventually be so scared of falling in love again that you will altogether shut down to men and relationships.

· The second one is to wake up your full power now and discover effective strategies to thrive with your love experience rather than suffering from it.

Why do we say: “falling in love”? Because for women like you, this is exactly how it feels most of the times.

Falling in love?

Here are other terms for falling: crashing, getting hurt, collapsing, going down, descending.

There is no sense of “rising” in these terms. There is no sense of joy, pleasure or fun. This is wrong!!!

You want your love experience to be different! You want this to change! You want a new mind set and new tools which allow you to enjoy love rather than being a victim of it.

Here are some powerful strategies you can apply right now:

· Open up to more than one man. Why is that? Because the moment you do, you make sure that you stay the center of your universe. When you are in love, you become magnetically attractive to the opposite sex. Go with it! Flirt and stay open. Commit yourself only when it’s 100% clear it is a two ways thing.

· You are in charge! You decide what you want and when you want it. No one will boss you around or tell you what to do. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do! Give your love, not your power. You are in control of your life. Stay in charge!

· Enjoy at 100%! You do this by focusing on the moment right now. Make sure that you stay centered in the present. Future plans and security come after. The first love skill is to enjoy right now what is in front of you. This is a gift!

· Keep the mystery alive! Don’t reveal your strategies. Protect your territory by keeping aspects of your life for yourself.

· Be ready any time! He can cheat, leave or not return your calls. This can happen any time. Be ready for it. Stay awake! Have a strategy for every situation. You stay a winner always!

· Invest one step at a time! If you give too much too soon, you’ll crash. Guaranteed! Give a little, step back and let them respond. Too high expectations kill your love. Stay real!

· Give each other space! Having a couple of contacts in the week is okay. Spending 24 hours a day with each other in the early stages will asphyxiate any new relationship. Stay socially active, challenge yourself and keep investing in your career or studies.

You want one simple thing: you want to enjoy your love experience.

The way to go is not to fall in the first place: it is to thrive.

The idea of succeeding with love has nothing to do with staying with a man for a life time. This can of course be part of the story but the real success has to do with the way you stand in it.

You can master your love life. This is what you want to do right now. No more pain. No more hurt. You are in charge. Love is one of the key energies in your life. It is one magic gift given to you.

Now, if you ad this dimension of power to it, you multiply its effect. You want the tools to empower your love life.