When you start looking at energetic impacts, you realize that you and your lover are connected all the time through vibration, energy, frequency.

Her emotional changes affect your field.

They affect your frequency, your actions, your relationships to others.

Sometimes this impact is strong, sometimes moderate, sometimes almost inexistent.

If you meet face to face, the impact might be stronger.

If you have a fight, this might impact your Β health, your creative power or your choices.

All that is your life.

The impact of her shadows goes way beyond just you.

It affects your field.

What’s magical is the fact that her emotions go through you to affect your field.


Because you are the center of your network.

You are the connective point from where energies radiate out.

So if she sends you off track and you lose your center it is this destabilization that will create the impact on your field.

If you stay centered and strong, the impact on your field will be minimal.

Do you recognize that in some specific examples in your life?Β 

How do you feel that works?Β 

What can you do protect your field?Β