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When an infidelity crisis hits your couple, it's like an emotional storm flooding your life - You need a solid set of strategies to keep your balance and make the right choices.

If your partner cheats, should you give them another chance? should you break up on the spot? What is the best approach? - What if you are the one having an affair and are mortified by the idea of telling them? what should you do? - Is there a way to put an end to this affair without destroying your couple? - What if you suspect your partner? Should you spy on them? Is this ok?

Many real life situations! - Many questions! - You want the absolute best strategy to deal with any of these challenges.

That's what I give you in this book - This is the results of 10 years experience coaching people in these real life situations - The tactics you will start reading in just a minute are approaches I designed together with my clients.

I know this books can save your relationship or give you the best mind sets to move on if that's what is needed - It will give you back a positive sense of direction if a cheating crisis is hitting your couple right now.

Here are some samples...

I'll be direct, okay?

When your partner cheats on you, your life and relationship are under attack.

If you simply stay in your usual mode, you get hurt even more.

Passivity is a mistake in a situation like this one.

You want to shift to battle mode and get your full power back in no time.

Infidelity could be disempowering for you but you won't let it happen!

Why not?

Because there is another way to stand in this.

There are direct ways to wake up a new set of emergency resources and not only keep your dignity, come out of this as a winner as well!

When your life is under attack, you have two ways of standing in this:

  • The first one is to be passive and let it happen.

  • The second one is to react instantly and tap into a new set of powers and skills.

You don't have to take the victim role!

Taking that role puts you down.

You want to stand straight and strong, express your anger and frustration if you want to and literally, win this challenge.

If you just discovered that your partner cheated on you, first, there is the emotional choc.

You suddenly wake up to a whole new reality.

Don't deny what is happening!

Look at it and face it.

It is a wake up call!

Here is what you must do if your partner cheats on you.

These strategies are direct ways of responding to this situation and make sure that you get your power back in no time:

  • Find out exactly what is happening

Do whatever it takes to find answers. Spy on him if you have to. Ask friends. Ask him direct questions. Confront! Demand answers.

  • Express your anger and frustration if you want to

Expressing freely what you feel is good. Do need to suppress or hide what you feel. Bring it to the surface and say what you want to say.

  • Focus on yourself! Do not pursue him!

Hello!!! He is the one who cheated, right? Don't pursue him as if you were the guilty one. Don't try to gain him back right now. It's his task to solve the mess he just created.

  • Take emotional distance

Give him the cold shoulder for a while. If you don't live together, stay away from him. If you live in the same house, stop interacting with him. You don't have to be soft right now.

  • Stay healthy!

Don't let this event take you down physically. Stay away from alcohol or drugs. Take care of your body, eat healthy, exercise and get enough sleep.

Same goes for work, business, career or studies. Make sure that this challenge does not impact on your performance.

Make sure that no one gets physically hurt.

  • Protect your personal space

If you live together, make sure he does not bring her home! This is like double cheating. Scream and yell if you have to. Make sure that your personal space stays emotionally safe for you!

  • Protect your children

If you have children, his cheating is an attack on both you and your family.

It is time to nurture and feed the connection with your children.

  • Don't cheat as a revenge!

I know that you might be tempted to go for a one night stand with his best friend as a revenge. Don't go that way! Dealing with one cheater is a challenge. If you go that way, you'll have to deal with twice the pain.

Go for a drink with a male friend if you need some masculine comfort but don't get intimate. You might blame yourself later for it and ad to the present challenge.

  • Give yourself a couple of weeks before taking a decision

Of course, in the middle of it, you'll ask yourself: "Should I stay or should I go?"

Express your anger but don't take long term life decisions out of anger.

Get, clear facts and cool down, so that if you kick him out or move on after that, you do this in a "serene" state of mind.

This is what a winner would do.

These directions are battle strategies.

Tap into your survival instincts!

In the core of your being, you do have emergency resources you can wake up.

These resources are powerful!

Wake them up now and win this challenge!

Get a power kick!

The first priority when cheating happens in your relationship is to protect yourself.

You have to shift to battle mood and tap into your survival skills.

I know these are "dramatic" words but it's exactly what it is.

Your life or your relationship are under attack. You face an emotional challenge and the way to face this challenge is to find extra power and effective strategies.

You need new strategies and extra power whether it is you or your partner having the affair.

This is why both situations are extensively covered in this e-book.

It gives you effective strategies, techniques, attitudes and approaches which immensely strengthen you.

Here is what is included:

  • Part 1 - Infidelity dynamics

Before we jump into strategies, I give you some key ideas about infidelity and why it happens.

  • Part 2 - Best strategies to deal with a cheating partner

This is the first situation. What to do when your partner cheats on you. Should you break up straight away? What are the best ways to react to this challenge?

  • Part 3 - Best strategies if you are having an affair

This is the second situation. What to do when you are the one having an affair? Should you tell your partner? Should you act on a crush? Are there alternatives? Should suppress your passion?

  • Part 4 - Key strategies to find out if your partner is lying

You have doubts, suspicions, how can you be sure that you are not making this up? Is it okay to spy on your partner?

  • Part 5 - How to get your power back after they cheat

These are the best strategies to recover your full power in no time. Your life is under attack and you want strategies which will empower you on the spot.

  • Part 6 - What is okay and what is not?

Design healthy relationship boundaries with your partner. Find out exactly what is okay and what is not in your couple.

  • Part 7 - Top 10 strategies to protect your relationship

In this part, I give you key strategies to protect your relationship. This makes sure that you minimize the "cheating" risk and energize your couple.

  • Part 8 - How to get back together after infidelity

Infidelity is a relationship challenge. Find out how you can use it to strengthen your couple and project you into an empowered future together.

  • Part 9 - MP3 audio advices

Your e-book comes with 25 min of MP3 audio advices on relationship empowerment.

This e-book is packed with energy!

These are not some cold ideas. They are dynamic and practical strategies you can apply straight away.

This is not literature. I speak to you as if I was standing next to you, ask you questions and show you how to tap into your own fighting and survival instincts.

I know that these strategies have the power to radically shift the way you stand in an infidelity challenge.

It will instantly give you this extra power kick you are looking for right now.

Effective strategies

You probably got it by now: This e-book is a battle strategy.

The goal is simple: I want you to win this challenge.

Here are some more key questions covered in this e-book:

  • Why does infidelity happen?

  • What are the forces stimulating someone to cheat?

  • You know your partner is attracted to someone else. What can you do about it?

  • Should you give your partner another chance after cheating?

  • How common is infidelity?

  • How to deal with your guilt feeling if you had an affair

  • How to end an affair

  • Is it okay to spy on your partner?

  • Is there a way to protect your relationship against infidelity?

  • And so much more...

These are practical strategies and answers you can apply instantly to your relationship.

Remember, this e-book is instant access! There is no delay! All these answers will be yours in less than a minute, guaranteed!

The best you'll find on the net

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I am not a therapist. I did not study psychology. My experience is 100% practical. What I wrote is what I learned on the field, helping women like yours deal with one of the biggest life challenges they can face.

I want you to succeed. I want you to break through. You might believe that life coaches go around making thousands of dollars, charging up to 300$ for a session. Might be true for some. It's not true for me!

I lead a modest life style. What brings me to coaching is not money. It is the passion for helping people like you win key life challenges.

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