Internet lines experiments

Lines that don’t work:

When you finish communication with this line up of wuzzes of just want to kiss your ass, send me a mail and we’ll talk seriously about our next date.

  • Aggressive – pretend to be better than others – enter into a competitive attitude – not focused – vague – not accurate – aggressive

I’m new to plenty of fish. Want to be my tour guide?

  • Boring – flat – non challenging – uninteresting

I wanted to ask you a couple of question but not sure if you are sober today. Is this the right time?

  • Better – 70% – 80% – Focused – Good teasing –
  • Could be better with what is said around – are you sober today? Is good
    Are you sober today? Is this the right time?

That’s much better! Better than a longer sentence

The “separated” thing freaks me out. What you mean is that he slept on the couch last night and he is of course perfectly cool with you dating other guys?

  • It’s good but touches on a sensitive topic – separation might be a fresh wound – not really the kind of feelings you want to invoke if you want to create attraction – On the other hand the tone is 100% right – it invokes an ex – overall 70 – 80%

Tell your Siamese sister to give me some space

Were you born like that, or did you decide to unite your life forever with your Siamese twin?

You know there are pretty good surgeons who can split you if you want…

  • Better – a bit long – Not sure why this one does not click – not too subtle in the wording
    What I noticed now is that I am almost conditioned to believe these type of lines would not work.

In fact, this could be the next conditioning stage.

Are you terrified?

  • Disconnected – too general – not specific enough

Okay, you’re definitely too young and inexperienced for me – I can’t see how we could possibly connect

  • You are asking her to do all the work

Okay, you’re definitely too young and inexperienced – Have you ever been with a guy before?

  • That’s much better because

Okay, you look pretty young and inexperienced – Have you ever been with a guy before?

  • Still better – But she could almost think I am serious – It’s good and challenging
    Okay, you look pretty young and inexperienced – Have you ever been with a guy before? You heard about the opposite sex, right?

That’s pretty good – 90%

When you say a woman like me, do you mean that you are after rich, old and grumpy men only? You have absolutely no brain? You work for the Columbian mob? Your mother took the picture? Anything else I should know?

  • Much better

So, Susan, This tattoo above your breast, does it carry your husband’s name or is it the mark of an even older romance?

  • Too general and maybe inaccurate – not very sharp

So Susan, why did you decide to hide your breast behind a tattoo?

  • Is it actually okay to talk about breasts?

So, Are you sober today or still recovering from last night’s hangover?