Is kindness a bad thing or a good thing? what about dominating? How do these qualities play together

It’s a good thing of course but the question is: does it give you what you want?

Does it bring women to where they want to be?

Part of it yes, this creates comfort which is a one of the positive vibes that you bring.

You make food, smoothies are attentive to their needs.

That’s a beautiful quality that brings them to relax and enjoy your presence immensely.

You bring fruit, food, light candles, burn incense, play with their kids.

These are all fantastic qualities that allow them to relax in a very positive way.

Well done!

But sometimes, she will need another quality.

Sometimes, she wants to be led, she wants to be with a guy who overpowers her and dominates her.

That’s a whole new story, right?

So, a woman will need all of these aspects.

She wants the fire, the passion and she wants to feel that animal instinct inside of you.

She gets seduced if she sees you riding a horse with power.

She wants you to control the instinctual nature of life!!!

That’s what she’s calling for.

Weakness doesn’t work for her.

She wants to feel that you own that type of power that dominates the instinctual world.

When you express the dominant pattern, she feels it in you.

This triggers the passion body because that’s the kind of mam she wants to have sex with.

It’s a pure instinctual response.

That’s the dominant male.

Caring too much is the opposite to that.

You need to express that as well for comfort.

But you need to play with the other card at will as well.

I believe that right now, you are more on the gentle card, right?

So, How do you play the dominant card without triggering a fight or an argument?

Well, you give her orders and directions but you do that in a certain way