This is a new set of cosmic laws which are implemented through the power of magic!

The human traditional legal systems are not adapted to deal with real profound crimes committed against the planet and humankind!
Killing a whale is a crime!
Knowingly selling to people processed foods packed with dangerous toxins is a crime!
Feeding tribal conflicts and wars in order to sell weapons and make profit is a crime!
Destroying tropical forests and killing thousands of trees to make profit is a crime!
Knowingly selling a drug using false advertising and false health claims, while hiding their side effects is a crime!
There is so much more!!!
95% of true crimes against the planet and humankind stay unpunished!
Because the human legal system is not adapted to deal with these crimes and can’t really apply laws associated with these crimes!
The existing human legal system is too slow, corrupted and powerless!
The new ISISA LAWS and application of these laws is based on the power of magic!
It is an energetic reward system that takes all energy away from what is not aligned with these laws and gives that energy to what is in alignment with the greater ISISA PLAN.
This system is intuitive and is not controlled by human beings but by another level of beings and energy interacting with humankind!
Authors of crimes are punished through energy blockages put on them!
The criminals can be individuals but they can as well be groups, organizations or governments.
This means that in this new energetic order, instead of isolation through physical jail, it is energetic isolation!
Energy is withdrawn from those who commit these crimes!
The system is way more accurate than a rational human based one because it is intuitive!
In most cases, we know through common sense what is right and what is wrong!
In the example of killing a whale, probably 90% of the planet knows that it is wrong!
We don’t have to discuss the punishment because the ISISA ORDER takes care of it by isolating the perpetrators of these crimes, energetically separating them, withdrawing energetic support to them and so on!
This is direct karmic law that doesn’t take long human trials to be implemented!
It happens instantly!
As the action is performed, the energetic organic response happens instantly!
This new system will now be implement as the power of ISISA permeates human consciousness!
I invoke this new system into reality!
Bring it into creation!
We see it!
We want it!
We welcome it with our whole being!
We welcome it as a human race!
We welcome it in the name of the human race!
Let’s speed up our evolution as a human race and speed up our reality!
In this system, every person is a judge!
We are judges by being witnesses to crimes!
And the forces of the invisible are judges too by being witnesses!
Crimes are instantly punished whether a human being witnesses it or not!
Understand that this is a new form of upgraded conscience in our human race!
It is like a new set of universal commands being delivered to us so that we can be players in the galactic order!
This new upgraded legal energetic system is already implemented in many ways but is only at a small fraction of its manifestation!
Right now 95% of energetic crimes are still unpunished because the ISISA ORDER is not yet fully incarnated!
It is simply still in its infancy stage, quickly coming to its full power and full manifestation!
I stand here as a human witness and open the gates of human consciousness to welcome the NEW ISISA ORDER!