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Here is what is included



Strategies + Power kicks

The goal of this material is very clear!

Give you all the tools you need to turn unwanted jealousy responses into an empowering feeling of trust!

If your boyfriend or husband threatened to leave you because of your jealous, controlling or possessive attitudes, this is the exact set of strategies you want!

In fact, what I give you is much more than a set of strategies!

It is a complete winning system which tackles your jealousy challenges!

And yes! It is very simple and easy to use!

It literally takes 5 minutes to get it!

It is written in plain and simple language!

It only takes 30-60 minutes to go through this material!

No complex concepts!

It is packed with power and energy!


10 steps to deal with obsessive jealousy

When it comes to unwanted or obsessive jealousy, the final challenge is about using your emotions in a different way.

If you know your jealousy is unjustified and you want to shift it to something more positive, you have to retrain your instinctual reaction.

The goal is simple: replace the jealousy emotion by an empowering feeling of trust.

The key question is:

How to retrain an instinctual response?

This material will give you 10 easy to use techniques to shift your emotional response.

These approaches are super effective and represent the long term solution for dealing with unwanted jealousy.

These techniques could be yours in less than a minute.



Insecurity - The real challenge

Okay, what I am about to say will probably shift everything you heard before about jealousy:

Jealousy is good!!! It is a positive constructive force in your life!

You might believe that because you are jealous, there is something wrong with you. There isn't!

In most situations, jealousy is perfectly fine and healthy.

Jealousy comes from a positive desire to protect your relationship.

If this the case, then why does it hurt you?

Why can jealousy burn you from inside and create this inner turmoil?

It hurts you because it does not manage to find its way.

Jealousy is a psychic weapon.

You use it in the battle for power. It is a tool you want to master.

It can burn because it is extremely powerful.

It burns you because there is an inner conflict happening in you:

Something in you believes jealousy is wrong.

Something in you wants to suppress it or delete it, while another aspect of your instincts simply wakes it up as a defence mechanism.

Imagine yourself trying to tame a wild mare. That's exactly what happens when jealousy wakes up in you.

It is an emotional instinctual response which burns you because it wants to break free and find its natural expression.

  • There is nothing wrong with you! - Jealousy is okay! It is your right to use it to defend your relationship.

  • Be the warrior! - Instead of trying to suppress this natural emotional need, empower your fighting skills.

  • Protect your territory! - Your territory is first your mind. This is where confidence is built. Don't let anyone put you down. Defend yourself fearlessly. Build empowering beliefs and give power to your emotional foundation.

  • Express! Don't suppress! - If you feel jealous about something or someone, dare to express it. Don't suppress. Look at these emotions straight in the eye. Jealousy is fighting fire. This is what is behind it. It wakes up because there is competition. The dating scene is full of it. If you suppress it, you loose your power. Don't suppress. Dare to express. It is a direct reflection of your inner power and emotions.

  • Jealousy is a weapon! - It was given to you. With any weapon, you need skills to use it wisely. It is given to you. In fact, it is a gift. It is a gift of fire. Master this weapon. It's like a sword.

  • Use your taming power! - Your "Taming power" is not control. It is what you use to master your jealousy. The fire of jealousy won't go away. It finds its way and "stabilizes" itself once you acknowledge its existence. You simply give it space and purpose.

  • Insecurity! The real challenge! - If you want to get rid of insecurity, you need to gain power. This is the real challenge. Jealousy is simply your best shot at defending your mind territory.

Your ultimate goal is to protect and preserve your relationship.

This is what you want, right?

You don't want to hurt your partner or anyone else. This is not your goal.

However, your relationship can be under attack.

Jealousy is simply a defence mechanism.

Once you shift your mind set, you'll notice that what used to burn you does no longer hurt you.

  Winning strategies for real jealousy situations!

We could spend days discussing concepts and ideas about jealousy and guess what? It would not help you much!

You want practical tools! What you need are very specific new strategies to deal with key jealousy challenges!

Here are some of the situations I cover in depth and give you new refreshing strategies for:

  • He cheated before! - You are worried he will cheat again!

  • You discover that your partner looks at porn

  • He looks at another girl when you two are out together.

  • You are at home imagining he is with a girl somewhere.

  • He chats with a girl at a party.

  • His ex calls.

  • He has a business meeting with a gorgeous female client.

  • You need attention and he does not give it to you.

  • He does not answer your voice mail or text message.

  • You are not happy about your looks.

  • He goes out with his buddies and does not invite you.

  • And more!


Here are the some of the top questions this material will answer for you:

  • How women give away their power in relationships and why they try to get it back through jealousy and controlling patterns.

  • Why getting rid of unwanted jealousy is so thrilling!

  • Why you can change even if you are the jealous type.

  • How exactly to retrain an unwanted jealousy response.

  • What is the difference between justified and unjustified jealousy?

  • How to respond to jealousy triggers.

  • Isn't a little jealousy good for your relationship?

  • Does excessive jealousy fall into the category of emotional and mental abuse?

  • What if you like being jealous? Is there something wrong with you?

  • How exactly to change your ways if you have a bad jealousy problem.

  • How to you deal with feelings of anger and jealousy when you see your ex chatting it up with other women.

  • How to deal with jealousy in a long distance relationship.

  • Should you confront your boyfriend if you know he is lying?

  • How to discuss your feelings of jealousy when you see your boyfriend chatting with another girl?

  • How to get over your jealousy when your friend with benefits finds another girl?

  • How to make sure that your boyfriend does not leave you over a jealousy issue.

  • If it is that easy to shift a jealousy response, how come women tend to be stacked with it?

  • Isn't jealousy a bit like being emotionally immature?

  • Male and female jealousy? Are they the same?

  • My best male friend spends all the time with his new partner!

  • What works best with jealousy issues? Coaching or therapy?

  • Why you feel jealous when you see your ex with his new girlfriend?

  • Why the key is to own these tools! - It is to be the master of your jealousy, not its slave ;)

  • Married or just dating? - Does this justify a different type of jealousy response?

  • If I don't get jealous, does he think that I don't care?

  • Positive jealousy? - Does it even exist?

  • What if your boyfriend looks at porn? - How some women look at it

  • And more!

  + Top 10 Strategies to multiply your level of personal power and get rid of unwanted jealousy

In other terms, how exactly to get rid of insecurity and build up an infinite reserve of power, trust and self confidence:

  • What are the top 10 strategies to get rid of unwanted jealousy?

  • Why it is essential to understand the dynamics of jealousy, how it originates, why it is there in the first place and the role it plays in your love life.

  • How to stop finding excuses and function again at 100% of your true power potential.

  • If you feel you can't measure to other women, how to do something about it?

  • Why you want to get validation from other men as well and how to easily get just that!

  • Where and how to find extra power when you face a jealousy challenge.

  • How to define exactly what cheating is or is not.

  • How to face your fears and wake up to a new thrilling sense of inner power.

  • How to work on jealousy issues with him if you want to.

  • How to refocus your energy around trust and self confidence.

  • Why you want to do this for yourself first.

  • How to invest yourself in this change and renewal experience.

  • Why you do have the power to shift things around!


More strategies!

  • Should you check on him if you believe he is cheating?

  • Is it okay for him to have a female friend?

  • How to deal with the women he interacts with?

  • What if he keeps pictures of his ex? Is this okay?

  • Why he must respect your personal space and how to get him to.

  • What if he cheated before?

  • Is he just trying to make you jealous? Why???

  • What if he talks a lot about other women.

  • How to deal with seeing him having a chat with someone else.

  • Why being clingy or desperate is a big turn off for men.

  • Why you get jealous of your ex's new relationship.

  • What if you are jealous of the women he works with?

  • What if you have always been the jealous type?

  • What if he is a real flirt?

  • What if your jealousy is already destroying your relationship?

  • What to do if he already broke up with you over your jealousy?

  • How to react when his ex calls him?

  • What to do if he is still active on this dating site?

  • How to give him the gift of freedom?

  • What if you spied on him and now, he says he can't trust you?

  • And more!

  The target? Get rid of 80% of your unwanted jealousy within 30 days!

Within 30 days, most women are able to get rid of 80% of their unwanted jealousy.

Imagine your life without jealousy and desire to control your boyfriend or husband!

Imagine this extra sense of self confidence, inner power and trust!

What I give you here are the direct strategies to make that change + the motivation and power kicks to take action that way!

Take action now!

  Targeted strategies for your partner as well

If you want to work on this with your partner, here are some strategies especially for him!

  • My girlfriend is super jealous! - She thinks it's just normal!

  • How to react to your wife's jealousy if she stirs fights over suspicions of infidelity?

  • And more!

  If it is that easy to shift a jealousy response, how come women tend to be stacked with it?

Excellent question!

Most women tend to stay stacked with this issue because they don't see a valid enough reason to change.

For those who genuinely want to change but don't find a way to, what they miss is simply an effective strategy.

Suppose you are a jealous woman. Your first instinct is to try to suppress your jealousy response.

It's like trying to put a lid on it!

It usually does not work!

The first step is to understand more about jealousy dynamics, how they originate, why they are there in the first place, the role they play in your love life, etc.

Once you have a greater understanding of the jealousy dynamics, you respectfully reorient the power behind your jealousy and use it in a more effective way.

You learn to communicate with your boyfriend or husband more effectively.

You discover extra sources of power in you.

You reframe your mind sets and reposition the way you stand in your relationship.

Basically, you master that power and energy!

You don't suppress it!

This is why the average woman does not usually tap into these techniques without a little guidance and support.

It is because it takes time and energy to discover all that by yourself.

I am convinced that you know already everything you will read in this e-book or listen to in these MP3 audios. A part of you knows it but you are not aware of it.

All these instincts we talk about are deeply buried in your subconscious mind and we simply bring them to the surface so that you can start using them.

If you prefer reinventing the wheel by yourself, you are welcome to go ahead.

I do believe that if you focus on it for a few months or more, you will eventually discover some of the techniques and ideas I am about to share with you.

Even if you really dive in it by yourself, you'll probably unveil only a fraction of what you will discover in this material, though.

The question is: do you have three months? Do you have the time and energy to do all that by yourself or do you prefer taking the direct short cut I am about to share with you.

As soon as you see the strategies I talk about, the path to master your jealousy will be crystal clear!

Again, it is not that complicate. You simply need the right set of strategies.

What is your choice? Stay stacked at a crossroad for a few months or hit the target within a week?

My advice?

Act now! Don't waste your time! Of course!!!


The best you'll find on the net on this topic!

Sometimes, I find the net very frustrating.

You can spend days researching a subject without finding what you look for.

This is different!

This package is the best you'll find on the net about this topic.

My message is simple: Get it now!

This is not a marketing trick!

I know that this material can rapidly shift any jealousy issue you might face.

This material is unique!

It is not therapy!

It is not a set of conceptual ideas which take you nowhere!

It is practical and 100% action and results oriented!

I am a professional life coach!

I have coached many women one on one on this type of issue, by phone or in person!

Now, this material is the nectar of everything I learned. I concentrated all my knowledge and skills in it.

My experience is 100% practical. What I wrote is what I learned on the field, helping women like you deal with one of the biggest emotional challenge you can face.

I want you to succeed!

I want you to break through!

What brings me to coaching is not money!

It is the passion for helping women like you overcome key challenges in their lives.

That's my passion!

This is why I invested myself totally to help you wake up a new set of power skills in your life and relationship so that you are easily able to shift any unwanted jealousy response at will!

This is the spirit in which I created this material!

Get it now!

It is by far the best you'll ever find on the net on this topic!


What you say


You could be the next Tony Robbins in the dating world. Your value is immense and people need to hear you!

"I recently purchased your material and even before I spent the money, I knew it was money well spent.

I stumbled upon some of your promotional videos on youtube only 1 week ago and already I feel the information you provided has changed my life.

It has changed the way I think about everything and I realize now how many mistakes I've made that could have been easily solved, if only I had had then the tools you are providing to me now. And I couldn't be more thankful.

The only thing is: I think you charge too little and give away too much for free.

I already feel you provided me enough tools that if I was a real cheapskate I might not spend any $$!!! However, your advice is so invaluable and the price so stunningly unbelievable that I definitely need to hear more.

I don't think I need a person-to-person call is necessary for me at this point because again, without reading or listening to what I just paid for, already...you gave me so much to work for and so much to think about....but it is almost worth scheduling a session with you just to hear your advice and to praise you in person. (or on the phone)

You could be the next Tony Robbins in the dating world. I haven't seen the "real" videos yet. Your value is immense and people need to hear you and fully appreciate you.

I wish you much success and as you seem like a really good-hearted person I believe it will come to you.

Thank you for your help..."

D - US

If I hadn't read your insights before this last week, I'd be making a real ass of myself right now

"Dear Francisco, I must tell you that when I downloaded your book + MP3 audios, I absolutely knew it was something that I was going to need. 

Call it divine intervention, call it karma... Whatever! But if I hadn't read your insights before this last week, I'd be making a real ass of myself right now"   

B - US

It appears to be just what I needed!

"Just purchased your e-book + MP3 audios concerning obsessive jealousy. It appears to be just what I needed!

I am 54 and in a new relationship that looks like it might end up in a permanent commitment. 

I have always been jealous and I am sincerely trying to overcome this even at the late time in my life.  I have been jealous and have been married in the past to someone who was obsessively jealous. 

Thank you for creating this book + MP3 audios  and I can't wait to finish them and apply it to my life.  I hope to be married in the next year and I want it to be wonderful."    


My boyfriend is perfect for me and doesn't deserve me to act controlling

"I have read most of the jealousy book and have found it very helpful. When I experience unjustified jealousy then saying "I trust you" helps the situation a lot and I'm sure conflict has been avoided so thank you.

I found the part about control and possessiveness also very eye opening and that has also helped a lot. You cannot control your partners thoughts, wishes movements and although I know this it is good to see it spelt out and written down.

My mother was always strict and controlling and I believe I have a tendency to be controlling also, which I don't like at all. My boyfriend is perfect for me and doesn't deserve me to act controlling. This aspect is getting better for me"


Let me tell you it is bringing some things to light for me

"Hi, I just order your material about jealousy and let me tell you it is bringing some things to light for me. I really appreciate it"

C - US

This is the first time I have felt that I can actually do something about my jealousies instead of letting them ruin my relationships

"It has been a lot easier to face it, understand it and communicate with my partner since I have had your program. Just being able to scroll a chapter on a heated subject would give me perspective and calm my mind enough to try handling a situation in a better way. I really appreciate the work you are doing! This is the first time I have felt that I can actually do something about my jealousies instead of letting them ruin my relationships."



Here is what is included

Jealousy - How to deal with it - For women - E-book!

240+ pages of dynamite! - This is the core product of your package - In PDF format - Printable

Jealousy - How to deal with it - For women - MP3 audios

14 power kicks + 11 Strategies to stop controlling him + 12 Strategies to educate him + More!

These audios give you direct strategies for the most challenging jealousy situations - Yes! These MP3 audios can be quickly uploaded to your IPod or MP3 player - You can as well burn them on a CD and listen to them on your way to work for instance.

All audios are available to download either individually or in one easy to use "zip" package in which you get the whole set of MP3 audios at once.

Jealousy - How to deal with it - For women - Videos

I recently added a fresh new set of videos to this system! - You will see me live giving you power kicks to deal with specific jealousy situations! - A must have addition to your battle tools ;).

Jealousy - How to deal with it - For women - Expert Advices

30+ jealousy specific jealousy challenges analyzed in detail with best strategies to solve them! - These articles and expert advices are available in a convenient blog format with simple label search.

Jealousy - How to deal with it - For women - News/Blog

To make sure you don't miss out on the latest updates, news, audios, videos and articles, I post all of these on this channel.

Jealousy - How to deal with it - For women - Forum

200+ jealousy questions already answered - Ask a question - Get feed back on your unique situation - Share your story - Topics covered include: jealousy, communication skills, relationship challenges, trust issues, how to deal with cheating and infidelity and more!

Your coach


A few words to introduce myself

My name is Francisco Bujan. I am the author of this material and the creator of vitalcoaching.com

I am a full time professional coach.

What gives me the authority to help you with these topics is not the fact that like you, I was confronted with and solved my own set of challenges, it is the fact that I actively coached dozens of men and women on these specific areas.

In spent dozens of coaching hours with my clients designing the strategies I am about to offer you.

I am now excited to share everything I learned with you.

This material is unique and it will give you the set of strategies + power kicks you need to solve so many of your key life challenges!

To your power!

Product features



Why not just an e-book?

I wanted to offer you the same material in various formats to make sure that you can access these strategies exactly the way YOU want to.

Some people prefer listening to an MP3 audio power kick while driving on their way to work instead of reading an E-book for instance.

Sometimes you will want to see me live in a targeted video advice.

Others prefer to read forum posts and see live examples with solutions of what others are facing.

This is why I offer this multi tools approach.

Easily winning your life challenges has to do with immersion! You dive into it! Having something to read + watch + listen to + actively participate in is ideal.

I created this package with these various formats because I know it is what works best!

All this material available in one user's friendly member area

You can access all of this material any time over and over again! - It's 100% hassle free!

After your purchase, you receive instantly the link to your member area + Login + Password.

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You can access your member area in the future as many times as you want - It's all automatic, simple and direct!

Live help!

If the strategies you are about to access are not enough, you can sign up for extra coaching sessions with me by phone or email.

The price for these sessions is not included in your package but I made it really affordable for you to receive this extra coaching if you need to - Sessions start at $29.50 for a 15 minutes expert advice session.

Instant access!

The totality of this material is available instantly after you make your payment - You are simply directed to a download page where you can access all of it! - You are instantly given a simple login and password to easily access your member area in the future - You are free to access this material as many times as you want - There is no limit!

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Jealousy - For Women - $19

Yes! I am ready! I want to get rid of my jealousy! | Give me Lifetime! Unlimited! Instant Access! to my complete "Tame my jealousy" System! | Includes Ebook, Videos, MP3's, and more!


Access Everything! - $99

Total access to All Ebooks + All Videos + All Audios + More! on vitalcoaching.com | This means direct access to all digital products on my site including Break Ups, Jealousy, Dating, Sex, Cheating, Communication, Fights and Much More! | Lifetime! Unlimited! Instant Access! | Info


PS: Again, this is a risk free purchase! If for any reason you feel this material is not for you, I offer you a 100% rock solid 30 days money back guarantee!

PPS: Remember that all this material is instant access! It is automatically available in its totality straight after your payment. No delay! No Hassle! You receive a unique login and password to access this material as frequently as you want in the future!

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