Life takes this exciting color

Life takes this exciting color. It is radiant flow, a stream of passion and desire that you feel rising in you. There is this deep gentleness and desire to care, the beauty is rising in you with intensity and this creates a stream of powerful joy.

Magic flow of life force which expands in streams of excitement for life.

There is as well this powerful and intense peace flowing in you.

This feeling of direct satisfaction for your life.

You suddenly feel deeply happy and satisfied about the entire great things you completed until now in your life. In fact, all has been a success and you are looking forward to the next coming steps. It is just great and such a feeling of opening. Everything is perfect and actually totally going according to plan.

The desire to live in a stream of exciting streams of joys is so strong that your whole being feels like dancing. Joy and pleasure penetrate you with intensity and delight.

You are flooded by this intense feeing of inner grace and pleasure, wonderful excitement which touches your whole being.