Listen! – TIP

During the interview, they will give you lost of clues!

  • Read the job offer twenty times until you really know exactly what they look for! – After that, embody that ideal candidate!
  • Listen to their questions! – What are they really asking? – What are they really testing? – What are the key qualities they are really trying to discover in you?
  • Listen to their body language and emotional response to what you say – If they smile and agree, you are on the right track – If they frown, shift direction.

Many candidates miss that part because they are self absorbed in what they want to say.

The truth is that often, your interviewer already knows the answer to the question they asked.

What they want to know is if your attitude matches theirs and if you fit in the culture of that organization.

If they see a source of trouble and disturbance in you, that’s of course a deal breaker!