Mind scenes – TIP

Your words are powerful triggers!

You can talk dirty while having sex IF she likes it!

For some women, it’s a turn on. For others, it’s a turn off!

Women are often seduced by the tone of a man’s voice!

You can invoke excitement in her by using the right words.

Politics, business, problems at work, your exes… All these are NOT erotic!

When you want to trigger erotic feelings in her, when you want to turn her on, you will use words like: passion, sensual, pleasure, delight, gorgeous, turn on, exciting, thrill, exotic taste, etc.

These are power words that invoke pleasure in her.

Her imagination is a white canvas where you can let her invoke moments of pleasure she already had.

Ask her about romantic fantasies.

As soon as she starts talking about it, she associates them with you.

Why? Because it is you who is right there with her.

As she invokes moments of pleasure in her mind, a set of biochemical reactions happen in her brain.

These ARE the chemicals of pleasure.

They are proteins that will activate the pleasure memories in her neuronet.

So, all you have to do is bring her safely to the territory of sensual ecstasy and let her describe what she sees!