Morning fruity energy – TIP

Here is how to make sure that she is in for some exciting sexual play first thing on a weekend morning.

Step 1: Snick into the bathroom and get rid of your morning breath.

If you had intercourse the night before, wash your penis again so that you are ready and fresh for action

Step 2: Go to your kitchen and cut some fresh fruit.

Cut a banana, peel an orange, have some grapes or strawberries.

Bright red strawberries trigger somehow sensuality in her. It’s the juice, the color, the taste…

You can make a fresh juice or fruit smoothie as well.

Then go back between the sheets and press yourself against her naked body while you bring a fresh strawberry to her lips.

Fresh live energy gives you a real boost and gets you going for sex.

It’s refreshing! It’s caring!

It works wonders! Try it!