What is my sexual experience with women who use a jade egg as compared to women who don’t?

I love this question!

Over the years, I had a few lovers who use a Jade Egg to train, activate, heal or release their vaginal muscle.
A Jade Egg is an egg shaped jade crystal that a woman can insert in her vagina to train her vaginal muscles and release tension and trauma in that area.
Here are a few of the aspects that strike me the most:
  • Vaginal muscle power! 

For a man, it’s amazing to have intercourse with a woman who can squeeze, relax, move her vaginal muscles at will! The pleasure that this brings to a man’s erected penis is of course multiplied.

  • Clear energy! 

This is more subtle! I experience her deep sense of energetic openness in the genital area and in the whole body in general! This means that women who uses a Jade Egg have often cleared any blocked energies and traumas that might otherwise get stacked in their vagina.

  • Sexual confidence! 

A woman who consciously trains her vaginal muscles boosts her sexual confidence massively! Forget about getting trapped in sexual guilt or shame! She will feel freer, happier, higher energy and more adventurous! All that of course means way more fun and deep refined pleasure for the man she’s having sex with.

  • Higher sensitivity, presence, pleasure and greater orgasms for her! 

To me it’s obvious that a woman who has released tension or traumas in her genitals will of course experience way more pleasure during sex! As the guy she is having sex with, through energetic resonance, this will massively boost my own sexual satisfaction! It will make it way easier to create deep emotional intimacy and sexually satisfy her.

A Jade Egg is one more powerful tool you can use on your path to sexual mastery and sexual confidence.
You can of course be a fantastic lover without the Jade Egg.
I know many women who are!
And if you feel inclined to give it a try, I totally encourage you to go for it!
If you already have one, you are on the right track! Keep using it!
Train! Release! Presence! Pleasure!
It has the power to boost you and your lover to whole new levels of pleasure and intimacy!