New action line – ARTICLE

When a whole side of your existence collapses, there is a gap: a material or emotional gap.

Realize this: Something just died.

There is an open space in your life for something new to take place.

Your mind starts building new plans, designing strategies, imagining the future.

This is the exciting time of a crisis.

It is the end of it.

It is the moment you truly rebuild yourself and create a new personal foundation.

You realize the space and the opening you have now in your life.

Now, in everything I said till now, there is nothing new.

Your head might be nodding and think: “Yes, he is right… That’s exactly what I feel”.

Now, where does power come in?

You need something new to wake up.

You need a new line of action and this is the real challenge.


Because doors are not yet open.

In fact you are in a situation where you don’t really know what to do next.

Right now, you want to feel empowered.

You want to connect with a source of energy and inspiration which takes you forward.

This means connecting with a fresh destiny line or life vision.

This is the real challenge.

This is the true “moving on”.

You can stay in the “victim” mood for a long time.

You can benefit from everyone’s attention and nurture those healing feelings.

Again, this is fine.

Once this period is over, you are still confronted with this basic question:

What comes next?

This is where extra power comes in.

Power opens new destiny lines.

It reinforces strategies and vision in you.

Any movement is a conquering move.

You want to clear your past so that you can connect with your future.

Your future is bright and open.

You want to manifest emotional freedom.

There is a choice only you can do: It is either to stay stacked in the past or create space and move on.

Your life is not over!!!!

It is exactly the opposite!

You can be reborn right now in a new cycle of life power which carries your forward.

You can give up and surrender or wake up to another inner instinct which says: “There is so much I want to discover!!”

Can you see the difference?

The choice is yours and always yours.

If you let it happen, your life could become a museum right now.

You can live in the past or you can tune into your future.

Which one will it be?