New signup testing – removed all "distracting" elements on signup page – MEMBERSHIP SITE

Shifted to the next testing stage just now.

Removed all distracting elements on the page!

Here is the list of changes:

  • Offer now only one product – No second “Access everything” option
  • Removed $19/Lifetime – no recrurring payment – replaced by $19
  • Removed “info” link in the porduct description
  • Choose login + password for customer – This clear 3 fileds in the signup form
  • Removed * next to name, email, and other fields
  • Shifted “Select your product* to “Your product”
  • Removed “Home” in the top navigation bar – There is now only one link left: “Support”
  • Removed the second payment option (in the signup page only, not the product sales page)

The page now looks much clearer!

No distractions

Immensely simplified signup step:

  • name
  • email
  • click!

The process to buy the product is now simplified immensely and I am back close to the system that was there before making the membership system shift.

There is no mention of a membership, simply unlimited access to these resources.

This is it!

The slight difference compared ithe previous system is that before, the download and access steps were happening after the payment with:

  • Download welcome e-book – click on link – enter login + password
  • Or access the page – enter name and email – be transferred to access page

Now, the access system is much cleaner and refreshing – No PDF, no signup form after – automatic welcome email sent – It’s perfect.