New! Vital Membership – All E-books – All MP3 audios – One price $19!

The list of e-books and MP3 audios did grow so fast on!

It was now urgent to offer an exciting package containing the totality of the resources available on the site.

This is your New Vital Membership!

All e-books! + All audios! One price $19!

Here is a short FAQ on this membership

What is this vital membership?
It is simple. It gives you access to the totality of the e-books + MP3 audios on

Why are you offering this membership for such a low price?
It’s the kind of product and package I would love to buy myself if I could.

For how long will this promotional offer be available?
Actually, I don’t know. The regular price of this membership will probably be $79 in the near future.

How can I see what is included?
The best is to check these two pages: e-books and MP3 audios. There is simply too much to detail all the content here. I can only say one thing: you’ll be blown away by how much there is.

I don’t need all of these e-books and MP3 audios. I am only interested by a small selection of what is included.
Well, that’s the whole idea. You get one price for the package. Every one of these products sells right now at a regular price of $19.

Will I be able to login to my access page again later?
Yes, you receive a link + user name + password. You’ll be able to access you page as many times as you want. You can come back to your member area and simply get what you want whenever you want.

Do I pay $19 one time and that’s it?
Yes! That’s the idea. No recurring payment. Total and unlimited access!

What happens once I make my payment?
You are instantly given your link, login and password to access your vital member area. This vital member area contains all your e-books and MP3 audios. You can access them with a simple click.

Where can I find more technical info about these e-books and MP3 audios? I simply want to make sure that it will work on my computer
Check these 2 pages: about your e-books, about your MP3 audios.

I wish you enjoy this package!

If you still have questions simply email me back at support. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a clear answer.

Take care