Open space – TIP

Are you a limiting force in her life or are you an empowering one.

Will you be the jealous, demanding and complicate guy or will you be the self confident knight who holds his ground with total power.

You need to see the bigger picture in her.

If you reduce her or limit her, that’s how she will feel in your presence!

Don’t put her down or you will suffer with her.

Instead, be a catalyst to her full potential!

Sometimes, when trapped in the after sex effect, after ejaculating, a guy might lose interest.

He might retreat back to his cave and neglect her!

She feels rejected and abandoned.

What a pity!

You have all this powerful excitement and chemistry going on for the two of you.

Within an hour, the sexual tension is released and what was a passionate encounter can seem totally flat!

Not the way to go!

This is why I encourage you to experiment with ejaculation control!

Keep your semen! Don’t lose it!

This will keep the sexual tension high and allow you to have sex over and over again without losing your passion and stamina.

Okay! I’ll be direct with you!

This ejaculation control is not for everyone and I am sure that many guys will have a totally fulfilling sex life while losing semen frequently.

Now, if you feel something is unfulfilled with your sex life and want to try a new path explore your tantric sex options!

In my experience, that’s the way to go!

Here is the link to find out more online:

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Or get in touch for a one on one power kick session! I’ll tell you more!