Overcome isolation – ARTICLE

Okay, isolation is a challenge!

Certain forces want to cut you off from the rest of the world.

Why is that? Because relationships and friends are a source of joy, pleasure and energy.

See it as a battle for power.

When you meet someone, you exchange life force.

When you have a chat, when you smile, when you shake hands, behind the movement, there is simply exchange of life force.

It is like electricity.

Life force circulates between two polarities.



Love is an exchange of energy.

Sometimes if flows one way.

Sometimes two ways.

It can be between a father and his child.

It can be between a human being and a tree.

It can be a general sense of respect for nature.

You are exchanging life force with your environment 24 hours a day.

Can you see that?

If your environment is your own house and you are isolated in it, then the cycle is incomplete (that’s unless you are happy with it).

Relating to your environment is part of your mind territory.

Relating to others is a source of energy.

It is like food for your being.

You give.

You receive.

Something magical happens.

It makes you happy.

If you feel isolated, it is time to use your conquering power and claim what is yours.

It is your right to relate to others.

It is your right to establish communication lines to others.

Isolation is a punishment. That’s what you do to them when someone commits a crime.

You did not commit any crime. You simply tend to believe that “it” should just happen.

If you feel isolated it means one thing: your communication channels are not yet open.

Why not?

Because it takes courage and risk taking to open them.

The moment you relate to others, you open up.

You make yourself vulnerable.

What you need to relate to others is extra power.

First, extra power to protect yourself, protect your mind. Second, extra power to open up new channels.

When you pick up the phone and call someone, you open a channel. The moment you hear a voice on the other side, an exchange of life force starts happening. This exchange of life force is like water on a dry land.

It is this exchange of life force which feeds you and the other person.

It is a win-win.

You can exchange life with anything: people, nature, the planet, a piece of art, the cosmos, knowledge, even a memory or an aspect of your mind.

Relating to others however has a very special quality to it.

An exchange with another human being is a unique experience which nurtures you in a special way.

You can as well relate to the “absolute”.

Some people spend years in a cave and never feel lonely.

Why is that?

They relate to the “absolute”.

Do you realize that there is a see of consciousness all around the planet?

That’s what these mystics touch upon.

When they feel blessed out in apparent physical isolation, it is because they establish a connection with the “invisible”.

No matter what you want to relate to, it can sometimes take great determination to open new communication channels.

Exchange of life force!

This is what matters.

Life force is more precious than anything else on this planet.

This is the ultimate energy.

When you feel isolated, this is what is missing in your life: Exchange of life force.

To break through isolation, you need to open new communication channels in your life.

Use your conquering power and connect!

This is the real solution.

Passivity does not work.

Use your conquering power and establish new communication channels.

No matter what you want to relate to.

“Freezing” forces are at work.

This is your challenge.

These forces want to isolate you.

They want to separate you from your natural “feeding” sources.

These forces are the challenge.

They manifest themselves in the form of a friend who rejects you.

They are as well the 4 walls of your house which keep you from simply being outside in nature.

Can you see that? “Freezing” forces are at work all the time.

Your task is to use your conquering power to create new communication channels.

Imagine these early explorers discovering a new Pacific island.

Imagine the first step on the Moon.

Any step to reach out is a challenge.

Use your conquering power to open new channels in your life.

Establish fresh connections.

Wake up!

This is a battle.

Isolation is an attack on your “feeding” sources.

Your life force supplies are being cut.

Life force is precious and it is your basic human right to exchange life force with your environment.

Use your will power to establish new channels.

Open up new routes.

Once you establish a new connection, use your controlling and love power to strengthen this new channel.

Your address book is the symbol of that power.

A few phone numbers in it are the symbols of your controlling power. You don’t control someone else’s life, you control a connection. And so does the other person.

You own this connection and you consciously built it and nurture it in whatever way you feel is suitable.

You have control over this channel.

This means that you have the power to make the call.

Use this power.

The person on the other side has control as well.

They probably have your number as well.

This mutual control establishes the communication channel.

It crystallizes a link.

Two persons “own” such a channel.

Can you see how it works?

All you have to do then is activate this communication line and simply use it.

Make the call.

Use your conquering power to open up new life channels.