Play the sexual attraction game – TIP

That’s in fact the only game you want to play when dating.

If you trigger that sensation in a woman, this is it! You win!

That’s how you score!


Because sexual attraction is EXACTLY what she wants to feel.

It’s not like you try to rob her from something she does not want to give you!

On the contrary, she WANTS to feel sexually attracted to you because when she does, it triggers a whole avalanche of energy and biochemical reactions throughout her body.

This is EXACTLY what she wants to experience.

That’s the reason she puts make up on, prepares herself and goes out.

For her, meeting a guy who does not own his sexual power and confidence is a waste of her time.

She feels like she is missing her chances to experience what she wants to feel.

So, getting her to be sexually attracted to you is one of the most precious gifts you can give her.

She expects you to be a master at this!

You think that all this dating game is about you getting what you want?


It is about you giving her EXACTLY what she needs!

That’s a turn on, right?

By the way, don’t think that there is anything shallow about what I just said.

This quest for pleasure, connection, emotional and physical satisfaction is one of the key calls in life.

People crave for that experience and touching it is EXACTLY like being blissed by mystical gold.

This connection she can experience with you IS bliss.

It dissolves distance between the two of you and connects her with you within a unified field of energy.

Believe me, behind your quest to master your dating skills, there is a much profounder picture.

This is only the beginning!

Go for it!