Power dynamics when you have a crush – ARTICLE

If you got hurt because of falling in love, I know exactly how you feel.

It is incredibly frustrating and painful to fall for someone who does respond the way you want.

Why do you get hurt?

Because you love someone who does not love you back.

When you love, you give.

If the man you love gives you back nothing, you end up depleted emotionally.

You give and get back nothing.

This creates a gap.

You start believing that for it to work, you need to give more and more. The more you give, the less you get back in return.

Love is fulfilling when it is an exchange.

This is the moment it becomes a true feast in your life.

Love is precious!

When you give your love, you give your essence.

Nature created love exchanges as a two ways thing.

If you give and get nothing in return, you end up depleted and in pain.

If you don’t want this to happen, you need to stay in the control seat and master the way you give and to who you give.

If you are driven by passion alone without any form of control over the way this passion is expressed, you end up going in circles and get nowhere.

The goal is simple:

Make sure you stay master of your love.

Love is like any other form of energy.

Learn to master how much you give and to who you give it.

When a man “takes over” your emotions, he literally overpowers you.

He psychically invades your mind space and makes a mess of it.

This happens in the name of love but in fact it is a conflict of power.

You fall in love.

You open up.

You abandon yourself to love feelings.

In fact you loose control over your own mind.

Someone else takes control.

This someone else is a man who probably has no clue of what is truly happening to you.

This is at 100% a psychic battle of forces and energies.

Something in you gets “polarized” and you simply start giving: attention, love and desire.

When the man you love responds, it is magical.

It creates this responsive flow of beautiful emotions.

This works when love is two ways.

When he does not respond or feel the same about you, you end up giving everything and getting nothing in return.

Your mind becomes a battle field of forces and energies.

Falling in love is addictive.

It makes you dependent.

It weakens your emotional base which is very destructive for you on the long term.

After a while, you realize that you lost your base and that you need to put yourself back together.

If you experienced this emotional recovery in the past, you know what I am talking about.

It can be dramatic.

The sad consequence of this is that you might shut down and actually cut yourself from loving again in the future because you believe that love will hurt you.

You simply are afraid of getting hurt again and every time you feel these feelings and “butterflies”, you recognize the warning signs, you get afraid and don’t open up to these feelings.

The long term consequence of this is that you might end missing real opportunities.

You isolate yourself.

You cut yourself form these feelings and make yourself very unhappy.

Many women do give up on relationships because they don’t manage to “stay above” it when it happens.

Somehow, they “tried” a few times and believe that the challenge is too big.

Love can be both a beautiful experience and a traumatic one depending on how prepared you are for it.