Power up your social skills! – TIP

When guys start on the path to mastering dating approaches, they don’t realize how much these skills are simply about increasing your social power.

What makes you attractive to a woman is the way you stand in life and social situations.

The best way to develop these dating skills super fast is to multiply your social power:

  • You chat with anybody.
  • You are friendly and open.
  • You connect easily.
  • You activate your social network.
  • You connect people with each other.
  • Etc.

Many men approach the dating scene with a predator self absorbed attitude.

They withdraw their social flow until they see a woman they are really attracted to.

Before that, they give nothing, radiate nothing.

They don’t want to be distracted from their prey.

I want to suggest a totally different approach:

Connect with anyone, not just women you are attracted to.

Social presence is a super attractive quality. It simply shows you care for other human beings.

Besides chatting up a girl when you are already socially “flowing” is much easier than starting from scratch.

In other terms, all this connecting and openess is like a warm up.

It makes you ready to hit a higher note when the moment is right.

Another advantage of activating your social power ANY time is that it multiplies your opportunities to meet women.

People will invite you and want to be around you because you are fun and outgoing.