Powerful solutions in 8 steps

Powerful solutions in 8 steps

1 Isolate the problem

Break it into small pieces! One of the risks when problems arise, is to blow them up beyond proportion. Refrain yourself from performing this reality distortion. Keep a healthy perspective on the situation instead. Limit the problem to its real size

2 Expand your awareness

Identify the real challenge! Expand your awareness about the situation. Identify the underlying dynamics. Shift perspectives etc.

3 Build up strength

Gather information. Find support. Focus. Keep your mind clear. Focus on solutions rather than building negativity or putting yourself down.

4 Design the solution

Sometimes, by simply expanding your awareness, the problem will dissolve altogether. In the cases where action is needed, design a strategy, an approach to handle the situation.

5 Take action!

This is the real test. Do something about it. Move forward. Take risks. Do not hesitate. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

6 Follow up

Make sure you don’t stop half way. A solution often comes in a few stages. Follow up on your strategy.

7 Learn from it!

Challenges are always an opportunity to grow. Learn from your experiences and develop your effectiveness in taking up challenges and implementing solutions.

8 Be proactive

Instead of waiting for problems to arise, prevent! See, identify problems in their early stages, before they even surface. Listen to warning signs. Don’t be passive! Start looking at life as an opportunity of taking up challenges rather than responding to problems.