Present sales pages elements – SALES PAGE

Right now, here are some of the features on many or all sales pages:

  • Appealing headline
  • Product icons
  • 1 or 2 Video intros
  • Audio success story or power kick
  • detailed description of content + questions answered
  • success stories
  • easy to find pay now buttons
  • detailed product features – e-book, audio formats – support – money back guarantee
  • Test drive
  • detailed description of every product component – what’s in the e-book, what’s in the audios, etc.
I have about 10 features here and it is reasonable to think that each ads a bit of credibility.
A simple way to look at it is to consider that each element ads 10% to the page’s selling power.
So, while removing one of the elements might not be dramatic, it might still reduce the power of a sales page.