I am a light, flirty guy who does not play games. I know I am not here to settle down. I enjoy my freedom but do enjoy sharing it with friends from all over the world.

Sometimes, I will share something more “intimate” with a special woman, but to tell you the truth, I just enjoy the sharing of two minds.

On an intimate level, I like the ideas and practices around tantra, as they give to any love exchange a new dimension of beauty and pleasure. Nothing extreme or complete, it’s just about enjoying what is there and allowing the energies to flow.

Immensely fulfilling, I think.

I travel. I am free spirit, have my own business online which gives me the freedom to live where I want and when I want.

I lead a very simple life style and easily take time in nature by the sea, forests or high mountains.

I love staying healthy, eating well, don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t use drugs. Lately, I am experimenting with eating just raw food which seems to really work so far…

Gives me a real energy boost.

I am really easy going though. Not fanatical about forcing that kind of stuff on anyone.

I am in the best place I have ever been in my life. No hang-ups or stupid worries.

I am really grounded emotionally and really take great pleasure in giving to those I care for.

Dark side you ask? Well, what some people would call dark is just the other side of the medal. I can’t see a difference myself.

I am pretty passionate about what I do.

I don’t let anyone limit my freedom. I do let people in, tough. I simply don’t give them control of my life, that’s all.

I love as well pushing my body to extremes. Last two winter, I did for instance jump in a cold lake everyday. Temperatures below zero. I broke the ice a couple of times to get it.

“Nuts!” You might think…

Sure! I like training my body to deal with this type of extreme challenges.

Same with some sports and outdoor activities. I enjoy stretching my limits when running swimming, biking or trekking.

I am of course not perfect, but definitely get this feeling that I found what I was looking for in life.

So, what am I doing in this site?

Well, I love sharing all this with people. I like connecting on many levels, giving and receiving more of these precious life gifts.

I know now that men and women can relate to each other in so many ways. I like exploring all this. This site is a gold mine of links, connections and I really like what I see here. Many, many spirits I enjoy connecting with.

Looking forward to meet you!

That’s it for now… More coming soon if you ask for it 