Purpose gap – ARTICLE

Inside of you, there is this desire to conquer.

There is an infinite force which simply wants to survive.

These are instincts.

They are basic forces which are the original building blocks of your mind.

When you face a purpose gap, you simply realize that you run out of motivation energy.

It is a fire gap.

It simply means that the old line of action does not make sense.

Suppose, you invested your whole life in making a solid income to sustain your family.

Suppose that suddenly, your partner is gone.

What do you do?

Where do you go?

You want more!!!

You want to break through!

You want to connect with a long term destiny line which takes you somewhere.

You want meaning!

You want purpose!

This is your life core.

Do you realize that inside of you, there is a core of power and energy which does give you meaning.

Want to connect with it?


Sit down, close your eyes and listen to what happens there.

Your instincts.

That’s the real connection.

Your instinct is your driving force.

Other forces come from: what others say and want, conditioning, pressures, etc.

What matters is YOU!

What matters is your desire and your will power.

This force is the core of your destiny line.

Your instinct is your guiding tool.

Dare to respond!

Action makes the difference!