Realistic learning curve – TIP

Any of the topics I cover in this e-book take a few months to master!

If you have one product with one simple site, you could be up and running within 30 days.

After that, you can focus on fine tuning your sales page and your traffic for instance.

Now, if you really want to master for instance the SEO field or develop a few google ad campaigns, it takes time!

Keep that in mind when designing your marketing strategy!

If you only have a small product which has limited potential, learning most of the skills yourself will definitely boost your return on investment.

A SEO firm for instance can easily charge you $1000 to optimize a few of your pages for a limited set of keywords.


  • Should you hire professionals to do the work for you?
  • What should you launch first?
  • Should you advertise or focus on SEO strategies?
  • Online or offline? What is more profitable for you?
  • Etc!

These questions and answers are essential!

You don’t want to go to battle without a solid plan!

Remember that online, competition is fierce!