Romantic descriptions of the angelic realms – ARTICLE

A romantic vision of angels is as valid as the one I give you here.

Romance is one of the filters we can use to interpret reality.

I have a science background and the ideas I give you here are more on the logical and rational side.


Well, it is JUST a way of communicating.

That’s all!

If I was a musician, I would write a symphony about it.

If I was a poet, I would write some verses.

In fact, I did use both music and poetry to communicate this type of impressions in the past. I still use them.

Sometimes, I might sing and the sounds or melodies that come through are another expression of this experience.

What comes now through me are simply descriptions of these visions.

This means that my inner eye creates a synthetic imagine of what I feel this inner reality could look like.

I like them.

They fulfill a certain need in me to create a picture of what the interactions between humankind and the angelic realms could look like.