Romantic style

I love this feeling, imagining what an evening with you would be. The first reaction I woman might feel when she gets a message like this one is easily mistrust.

Not sure why actually.

“The man must be a player or desperate. It won’t work anyway. He is too far away. I can’t feel butterflies in my stomach”

Are you feeling one of these thoughts in you or just thinking “Not interested”

Today, I decided to be very sincere with you. I decided to tell you directly that I feel this intense desire to look deep into your eyes.

Yes! It is a love letter.

Yes! It’s authentic and totally sincere.

Yes! I would jump in it if there was an occasion to spend an hour or more with you.

I find you very sweet, love your smile. I think you are charming.

Now, true, I am in a place where I see a spark and I love that feeling.

I know it’s sentimentalism and yes, my head is totally steady on my shoulders. I love this dream. I love this experience. I love diving in it without worrying about what tomorrow will be.

What I love as well is the freedom in it. I love the fact that I contemplate your being in a glimpse of eternity. It’s the eye of the storm. Like a vibrant silence.

It’s this very subtle sensual pleasure waking up in my skin and rising through my whole body.

I do wish you will answer this message but at the same time expect nothing.

You might be with a lover tonight, letting your lips breathe with intensity while you touch this warm skin with your finger.

A pity that in moments like this one, we don’t have the physical capacity to fly and meet. Without fears or questions. Without expectations, without power games. Without anything but the link between two spirits.

Answering to me is in no way a commitment.

I am not in a position where I am desperate. I do worship your beauty for an hour, maybe more.
Maybe the sensation will go away after a while. I don’t care. It does not matter.

You are a shining being full of inner joy and immense clarity and I love what I see in you.

Enjoy your life and get back to me to open this circle and pure romantic dance.

Maybe you’ll be more than a fantasy or a dream. Would love to connect one day.

Claro que si! Que Viva La Vida.

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