Sales conversions for 2009 – What works – SALES PAGE

Does a single video sales page work?

the only sales page where I practiced that strategy does not show an increase but this is a page for a single 30 pages e-book with no test drive included
  • More complete products work better
Do more complex sales pages work better?
What works better is to develop credibility + demonstration of expertise + Obvious solutions!
It is these elements that make the sale!
It could very well be that a very convincing video achieves that same level of trust as a long sales page + generates the same type of conversion rates.
Overall, conversion rates between 1-2% are good.
So, in a way the sale pages do work and achieve what they are supposed to.
There is one exception: the cheating for women program.
It score much lower because???
The answer is because of the type of traffic hitting the page:
95% of the traffic to the cheating for women page is search.
The other programs get more:
  • Direct hits (that’s people who typed the URL directly)
  • youtube traffic
  • referrals (in just one of the programs)
So, it looks like:
  • Direct/youtube traffic converts 2x-4x higher than search traffic.
This explains most of the differences in conversion rates between pages.
What about complete package versus just one e-book?
  • Complete package score probably 2x higher than a simple e-book
Complexity of the sales page?
  • There is no solid final indication that a long sales page scores higher than a short one
This is an essential fact to remember for now.
The low score at 1% conversion rate on cheating for men can be due to either:
  • Too short sales page
  • Too simple product (30 pages e-book only)
The traffic to this page is the most targeted traffic of all with 90% of traffic being direct or youtube.
This means that with a more complete product and/or complete sales letter, this product should score much higher – 2% conversion rate or more according to the results I got on the other programs.
I believe that 90% of the reason why this product does not score higher is because it is not a complete package, not because of the short sales letter.
This starts shifting a misconception from the past where I had the feeling that more complete packages were selling less that simpler ones (like just one e-book).
It seems now that this truth is reversed and a complete package is more appealing than just a 30 pages e-book.
It is logical of course but some past tests seemed to contradict this fact.
The record is now straight.
A few question remain open:
  • Present test drive format – Should the present PDF test drive be shifted to another form?
  • Sales page complexity and length – Should I shorten?
  • Sales page – Should I rearrange the way it is presented?
What is clear is that with conversion rates, 1%-2% this sales pages do work.
I forgot to check the dating for men results when I made this anlaysis.
Here are the results:
conversion rate is poor 0.3%
while the traffic is VERY targeted from youtube and direct.
The reason for this low score is because:
  • There is LOTS of competition on this topic (very different than break ups or jealousy that’s for sure)
  • The second reason: the product is relatively vast
  • Third reason: dating can be seen as an entertainment topic – there is much less compelling urgency to get it.