Sanat Kumara – His name in Sanskrit Calligraphy

The planetary prince

Connecting means establishing a powerful mind foundation in your being. We often think that connecting with a spiritual stream has to do with reaching out for something outside of us, beyond the limits of our being, rejecting our ego, desires and so on.

The truth is that integrating works better: establish in the core of your being the vibration of your cosmic identity.


Here is a simple technique: The ultimate authority or guide on the planet
is an eternal life force.

There are many
directions we can tune in: gods,
goddesses, incarnated gurus. Here is what
you can try: Sanat Kumara. This
intelligence is the head of the planetary
or human hierarchy. He is the ultimate

If you want to connect with
your long term destiny line, practice this
simple technique: write his name in

Write this calligraphy, express it, put it
in forms, engrave it in stone or wood. 

This will send a very clear message inside
of you about where you want to be, where
you want to go. Action, conscious action

Ask yourself: what role do you
want to play for others?