Set up a fixed target and make it my top priority? Be a prarochana master by the end of the year!

It’s now close to Nov.

That’s a 2 months frame.

I could set myself up to be a prarochana master by the end of the year or within 3 months!

That’s the kind of target I want to reach.

I want to reach this prarochana mastery in 3 areas:

  • Women 
That’s the ability to intimately connect any time I want and wake up the passion body in them – It is the ability to hold that space and that tension, that power!
  • Sales
Sales is actually way vaster than a money transaction – this is artha!!! – it is the art of establishing a connection that involves a financial or commercial transaction or agreement. This is one of the core building blocks in our planet
  • Shaktipata
That’s the ability to transmit bliss and wake up the bliss body in anyone I meet. As a master of that skill, I can create instant emotional freedom in anyone I meet. It is a profound experience, sustainable, easy to achieve, fantastic