Sexual communication starters for first dates

Sexual communication starters for first dates

So, tell me about a moment you felt truly happy

How did that feel?

Why did you loose that feeling?

What would you do if you wanted to recall that feeling again?

  • The theme is good but you let her guess too much. To succeed you need to be more directive

What is the sense that you enjoy the most? I mean, through what sense do you experience the most intense pleasure?

  • That’s very good!!! Excellent. It’s good because it is very specific and gives her space at the same time

What happens exactly when you experience that pleasure?
Would like to experience this pleasure more often?
You know you would like to experience this pleasure more often
Are you saying that you would not like to experience this pleasure more often if you could?

  • Good

I know we could talk about your business and projects which are out there but I feel these projects are not the priority.
The priority is you: Once I know you are experiencing your life fully, I’ll be happy to shift to this topic…

  • Are you saying I am not happy?
  • That’s not a good message to send out…

If you had the choice between discovering a new marketing strategy and experiencing a new sense of magic, what would you choose?

  • All these directions you take are okay but you use words like magic, energy, almost tantra… You are setting up a very new agy tone… Might be a turn off… Might be the way to go as well…Can you westernize what you say?

If you could recall at will your most pleasurable experience ever, would you do it?

  • Are you trying to market me something? Are you misleading me and giving me hope when in fact, you have no idea of what to do next?
  • The dimension of lightness and fun is missing so far. These words and directions are on the edge of being almost heavy and too serious topics. You might need to make her laugh a bit more, don’t you think?
  • Does the sexual communication merge with the challenging funny style or are these two definitely different grounds that must not be mixed?
  • The feeling that I get is that you start by funny challenging style to break the ice and then you do shift gear to engage into sexual communication and wake up more connection.
  • This has to do with energy.
  • At the same time, effective sexual communication might work in itself alone without starting up with challenging openings.
  • Are all possibilities just open or is there a way of doing it which works much better?